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     In the Natural Park       from the Vercors
    March to October
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                          Our Region, Royans/Vercors: the mountains, the water, the sun


Located in the Vercors Regional Natural Park between mountains and rivers, Royans is characterized by its green softness.

A multitude of springs gush out there at the foot of the limestone citadel of Vercors.

One of them formed the majestic circus of Combe Laval. Protected as a classified site, Combe Laval is the ideal place to discover lush fauna and flora while hiking to the sound of the river.

Not far from there, you will find the hanging village of Pont en Royans at the water's edge, where the colorful houses are reflected in the waters of the Bourne

A paradise for hikers, the Vercors is a unique and idyllic natural space.

It includes vast expanses of meadows and forests as well as the possibility of venturing up to the summits with remarkable perspectives. 

Looking up at the sky, you will surely be lucky enough to see a golden eagle, unless it is a peregrine falcon or a lyre vulture.

We offer you diff erent rental durations for donkeys, ranging from one hour to several days depending on your desires and abilities.

You also have the choice between:  

                  - a hike in freedom, without a guide

                   - a hike accompanied by an AMM certified guide

                   - a group hike accompanied by an AMM certified guide

For a hike lasting several days, you will have the choice between accommodation in a gite, table d'hôte, bivouac and  in shelters.  

For catering, half board and full board is possible.

The stages vary from 6 to 14 km with 100 to 800 m of altitude difference depending on the circuit.

The bivouacs that are offered to you will often be close to the water.


Here are some examples of the hikes we offer (You can download the PDFs by clicking on the icons      )  :  

One hour 3.7km: discovery of the meadows and forests of the Roussets farm

Half a day 6.4 km: crossing the foothills of Combe Laval, which offers the possibility of swimming in the Cholet

One day 9.6 km: discovery of the "jewels" of Combe Laval: Possibility of swimming, visit of the Orthodox monastery of Saint Antoine le Grand (according to the schedule)  

2 days: along the Vercors, to the village of Pont en Royans

3 days: Combe Laval, Pont en Royans and the Bourne gorges with swimming every day:

4 days: Combe Laval, Pont en Royans and the Bourne gorges with swimming every day:  

5 Days: Le Royans with swimming and the mountains on the Ambel/Font d'Urles plateau in a bivouac or in a gite

6 days: Discovery of the magnificent  hiking trail from Ambel to Font d'Urle in bivouac or gite       


Please contact us to consider a longer hike.   

Roy'Anes is a member of the National Federation of Hiking Donkeys (Fnar)      

4 jours

3 jours

5 jours

6 jours

7 jours

2 jours




ane drôme vercors roy'anes

Randonnée en âne avec Canaille  sur les Crêtes du Vercors


Randonnée en âne en famille avec Ascott  sur le  Vercors


Randonnée en ânes en groupe à Font d'Urle sur le Vercors

photo ambel ane.jpeg

Randonnée en ânes sur le plateau d'Ambel dans la Drôme

Ane drome Vercors Roy'anes

Randonnée en ânes dans Combe Laval dans le Royans

ane drome vercors

Traversée des rivières et cascades du Royans Vercors

photo simon 7.jpeg
kyle ane.jpeg

l'âne Ascott en ballade à la ferme  du Clos en Isère et Drôme

Ballade avec un âne pour les enfants  dans le Royans Vercors

simon photo 3.jpg

La Cascade Blanche dans le Royans Vercors avec les ânes

Ballade avec un âne en famille dans le Royans Vercors


Hikers advice



1 hour: €30/donkey

Half day: €40/donkey

Day: €60/donkey

2 days: €115/donkey

3 days: €165/donkey

4 days: €220 /donkey

5 days: €265 /donkey

6 days :  300€ /donkey

7 days: €355/donkey

Birthday: €35/donkey

Contact us if you want to hike more days




The farm is also: bread, honey and vegetables produced on site and labeled organic


 the markets are on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. - vegetables, fruits

 Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. - vegetables, fruits, bread, honey, Pizza

The Roussets Farm



before booking remember to contact us for availability

  • Offered Daily

    1 h

    38 euros

  • Offered Daily

    4 h

    40 euros

  • Offered Daily

    7 h

    60 euros

  • Offered Daily

    48 h

    115 euros

  • Offered Daily

    Durée variable

    165 euros

  • Offered Daily

    96 h

    220 euros

  • Offered Daily

    99 h

    265 euros

  • Offered Daily

    99 h

    300 euros

  • Offered Daily

    99 h

    355 euros

before booking remember to contact us for availability

before booking remember to contact us for availability

avant de réserver pensez à nous contacter pour la disponibilité



1860 tram route                  26190 Saint-Jean-en-Royans


Simon Vandenbussche


For all other requests

that the hikes write to us




From Monday to Sunday

  9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Your information has been sent !



request for information on the hikes below:

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Avis randonneurs

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