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Our Region, Royans Vercors




Located in the Vercors Regional Natural Park between mountains and rivers, the Royans is characterized by its lush greenery.

A multitude of springs gush there at the foot of the limestone citadel of Vercors.

One of them formed the majestic circus of Combe Laval.

Protected as a classified site, Combe Laval is the ideal place to hike with the sound of the river and discover and flora and fauna.

Not far from there, you will find at the edge of the water the suspended village of Pont en Royans, where the colorful houses are reflected in the waters of the Bourne.                   


The Vercors

A hikers' paradise, the Vercors is a unique and idyllic mountainous area. It includes vast expanses of grasslands and forests as well as the opportunity to venture to peaks with remarkable perspectives.

Looking up towards the sky, you will surely have the chance to see a golden eagle, unless it is a peregrine falcon or a lyre vulture.

Our local hikes


We propose a multitude of choices regarding the rental of our donkeys, to allow you to hike according to your desires and needs, from an hour walk all the way to several days hiking.


You also have the choice between:


- a hike by yourself with the donkey and without a guide


- a hike accompanied by a qualified AMM guide


- a tailor-made hike designed according to your desires


For a hike of several days, you will have the choice between camping and lodging mountain “refuges”


The daily hikes vary from 6 to 14 km with 100 to 800 m difference in altitude according to the circuits.


The camping sites that are proposed to you will often be close to the water (torrent, lake) with the possibility of setting up a campfire.  




Here are some examples of the different hikes we offer:


One hour 3.7km: discovery of the meadows and forests at our farm, la Ferme des Roussets


Half a day 6.4 km: hiking along the foothills of Combe Laval, which offers the possibility of swimming in the river, the Cholet


One day 9.6 km: discovery of the "jewels" of Combe Laval: picnic at the waterfall of "Tahiti" with the possibility of swimming, visit of the orthodox monastery of Saint Anthony the Great (according to their opening times)


2 days: along the Vercors, to the village of Pont en Royans


3 days: getaway on the Vercors plateau


Please contact us to consider a longer hike.

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Our rates

1h: 25 € / donkey

Half day: € 35  /donkey

Daily: € 52  /donkey

2 days: € 96  /donkey

3 days: € 140 / donkey

4 days: € 180  /donkey

5 days: € 225  /donkey

6 days: € 265  /donkey

7 days: € 305  /donkey


Do not hesitate to contact us for a longer rental


Simon Vandenbussche




Roussets Farm

1860 Tramway

26190 Saint-Jean-en-Royans

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