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Before leaving, allow time for making contact, preparing the animals and equipment, taking instructions and familiarizing yourself with the donkey.

Arrival times  before the hike  :  


Hike from 1 hour to 1 day : before the start of the hike.


Hike from 2 to 7 days:

For the smooth running of your hike, it is imperative to leave early in the morning. This is why we must agree on an appointment at the farm the day before between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. We will discuss in this time:

- The hiking route with the IGN map.
We provide you with a hiking booklet with the topo.
- The handing over of saddlebags (they will be fixed on the packsaddle of the donkey) to be filled for the next morning
- Tips and advice for walking with a donkey


Payment terms


Deposit of 30  % are to be paid when booking.

The balance is to be paid on the day of departure of the hike.

Checks and cash are accepted for the payment of your hike.


Bail  (donkey and equipment)


A deposit of  150€ will be requested by check or cash.

It will be returned to you as follows:  :  in whole or in part, on the day of the end of the trek, provided that the donkey and the equipment are returned without loss, damage or deterioration on your part.




In the event of cancellation before departure by the client, the deposit paid will be retained by the lessor.


In the event of cancellation before departure by the lessor, the latter must reimburse the customer for double the deposit paid.


Interruption of the hike


Any hike started is due in full.





During your hike, you benefit from our Civil Liability guarantee for any bodily injury or material damage for which we would have been found responsible with regard to you.

The donkey is however your responsibility. You are the guardian of the donkey… You must ensure that you are covered by your own insurance for damage or accidents caused by it or by your fault.

You must also be covered for bodily injury and damage to your personal property.

In order to book your hike, you will need to provide an insurance certificate covering the hike with a donkey.


You cannot ride donkeys. It is your responsibility if a child rides a donkey.




Any physical activity in the great outdoors involves a risk, however minimal it may be. Each participant is aware of them and assumes them with full knowledge of the facts. He undertakes not to hold the responsibility for any accidents neither on the hirer of the donkeys nor on any other service providers. Each participant must comply with the rules of prudence and safety given by the lessor who cannot be held responsible for accidents due to the imprudence of the members of the group.

Regarding unaccompanied hikes, the circuits are sold with a description of the route and a map of the area. Each participant must comply with the rules of caution and follow the advice given by the topo-guide, the organizers cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from the carelessness of a participant. The organizers cannot be held responsible either for a misinterpretation of the description or for an error in the user's map reading.

The excursion supposes the acceptance of the risk of unforeseen due for example to a modification of the natural elements on the route.

The organizers reserve the right, if particular circumstances jeopardizing the safety of the group require it, to modify the itinerary or certain services of the program.




For unaccompanied hikes, everyone remains free to leave with a pet, under their sole responsibility. We nevertheless draw your attention to the risks and the constraints that this can entail (reception in accommodation, crossing of herds, etc.).

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